What do guests realy need?

Every time we check into a hotel and we get to the room, the first thing we see is how nice it is, if it’s clean then, we go to the bedside table, which is next to the bed with the lamp and we found the phone, if it catches our attention, we look at it to see if we can understand how to use it, in order to easily communicate with the hotel in case of any requirement; many times, , if we forget to ask for the Wi-Fi password to access the Internet, the first thing we do is call the reception to request it, this way we are already using the hotel telephony.

Today many people speak two languages ​​and very few speak three or more, however, there are some hotels with reception staff that have the ability to speak several languages, the common denominator is to always find people who speak English. So, what to do when we do not speak english or the local language where the hotel is located? They should always evaluate having a solution to offer the best service to the guests that visit different countries and even more today that we live in a globalized society.

We have seen a new technology that has been applied in some call centers, where there is a simultaneous and automatic translation using speech recognition technology:

  1. The sender speaks in one language and the system automatically transcribes the text (for example in Spanish).
  2. The receiver receives it and, using this text, translates it in real time into their language (for example in English).
  3. In the same way, the receiver can write a text (for example in English) and the system can reproduce it automatically in the indicated language (for example in Spanish).

The idea is that we can easily make the call in our language and receive an answer in the same language, even if the interlocutor does not speak it. Sounds pretty interesting, right? Today we already have this type of technology that allows us to achieve this type of solutions and that is why telephony plays a very important role in the world of Hospitality, not only providing this type of solutions, but also allowing telephone systems integrate the PMS, from the acronym Property Management System, which today uses the hotel industry, such as Micros Oracle – Fidelio, Opera, InnQuest RoomMaster, TCA Insist, RDP – Resort Data Processing, Meteor, Infor, Brilliant, Newhotel, Protel, Inn Keeper, Hilton OnQ, Maestro, Silverbyte – Optima, Amadeus, JDS Winpac, among others; and why integrate them with the telephone system? This accelerates and automates the Check In process, the room phone is enabled to make local or international calls that are automatically recorded in the bill, so we can see the details at the time of  the Check Out.

The hotels must always take the service to a high level, since currently the guest reviews are very important and help the hotels to be always full. With a good price for the hotel, technological advances lead them to always be at the forefront of technology and allow their businesses to reach levels of excellence and recognition.

If you would like to know more about these technologies, which telephone system offers this type of integration, how to include in your hotel the simultaneous translation service and how to achieve a high level of service every day, it is always best to talk to a specialist!

I recommend you to contact one of the experts in telephony and communications solutions at www.telonline.com, through sales@telonline.com or by calling: USA + 1-954-894-6181, Colombia + 57-1508 -8884 or Mexico + 52 -554-163-4865

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