Cloud Phone System: The biggest trend of the future

The evolution of telephony continues to migrate more and more to the cloud. According to Transparency Market Research “The high price/performance ratio and demand for mobile communication services… has led to a increased demand for VoIP services in the corporate consumer segments” Have you hesitated to try a hosted phone system solution because you think it is too difficult and expensive? Let us tell you, it’s not!

But you’re thinking, “Is a cloud phone system really right for my business?” In the search for possible solutions, identifying the right one will save you time and energy. That’s why we’ll leave you with a little questionnaire here:

  • Do you have multiple locations in your organization?
  • Do you have or want to have remote workers?
  • Are you no longer interested in owning PBX equipment?
  • Do you require flexibility to add users and concurrent calls?

If you answered Yes to two or more questions, we can tell you that a hosted phone system is the right one. You’ll get access from anywhere in the world, with mobile applications, call recording, I.V.R., reports, integrations and more, all in one comprehensive solution at an affordable price.

Since the transition from your company’s phone system to the cloud can be an easy and cost-effective alternative, at this point you may wonder which provider should I turn to? Look for an ally who has experience with businesses similar to yours. They are likely to be aware of the potential difficulties you may encounter and know a way to resolve those obstacles.

Our VoIP experts will show you that TelOnline’s hosted phone system will change the way your business communicates, while giving you the security of knowing you’ve made the right choice. Contact us at

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